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Reethika Precision Engineering

Drawing Formats: You can submit drawing formats electronically. We can work with your specifications to design specific tools for virtually any job.

Coatings: We offer excellent coating services on cutting tools. If you're unsure as to which coating is right for your application, call us.
We manufacture your most simple or complicated tooling requirements, Step tools (tools with more than one diameter) are always special items that can be made with us.

Facility: We manufacture all your tooling requirements on well-maintained, high-accuracy machines in our temperature-controlled facility in Chennai, India.

Materials: Tools are manufactured from high speed steel, solid carbide designed to meet your special requirements.

Quality Control: Quality control is the key to sustainable business. Our factory is equipped with Profile Projector, Microscopes and other requested measuring instrument complying with AQL/SPC standard and with ISO-9002 quality certificates.

We can adapt each cutting tool to fit specific customer needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the specifications.

















Here are some examples of cutting tool types we can offer:

* Special tool holders for  Turning & Machining Center
* Milling Cutters with shank or bore mills of HSS/co and solid carbide
* Special Carbide inserts for Turning, Milling, Threading and suitable holders
* Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting (PCD)/PCBN inserts.